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Using Our Products

About Essential Oils  

Derived from the plants hormones, essential oils are not mixed with anything else - no preservatives are added.  Their molecules are such that, when inhaled, they enter your bloodstream and produce effects specific to each oil.

Freshness Guarantee

All Geronimo branded products are guaranteed fresh.  Geronimos unique blend is the strongest available, and are poured daily to ensure maximum freshness.  Without question, they come to you as the freshest, most potent oils and balms available.

Our new Remedies book goes into detailed  uses for all our products from A to Z

Keep all products out of the reach of children
Avoid contact with eyes
For external use only

All Geronimo products are drug and cruelty free.  Enjoy!


Geronimos products are not intended to diagnose or cure disease.  Rather, they are intended to ease your symptoms, speed your bodys own healing processes, relieve pain, relax and rejuvenate.  If your condition continues or worsens, see your doctor.