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Jojoba moisturizing Oil 

Moisturizes Skin & Scalp

Jojobas antioxidant properties make it natures most perfect moisturizer as it cleans, softens, and conditions.
Jojoba Oil originates with Jojoba, a small woody tree growing in the Southwestern United States Sonoran Desert.  Pure Jojoba Oil is a natural and effective skin emollient.  Gentle enough for newborn babies, it lifts grime and cleans pores; penetrating deeply, absorbing quickly and dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Native Americans have used pure Jojoba Oil for centuries for its medical and cosmetic properties.  Remarkably, this oil is virtually identical to sebum, which is secreted by the human sebaceous glands.  
Sebum is what our bodies use to lubricate and protect our skin and hair.  Jojoba Oil supplements sebum when age, pollutants and the environment strip it away.  Conversely, if there is an abundance of sebum, Jojoba Oil dissolves the excess deposit, cleansing and restoring natural ph balance.

     Geronimos 100% pure Jojoba Oil is distilled from the Jojobas bean and has no scent.  It will not irritate allergies. As a shaving aid, moisten the skin and massage a generous amount of pure Jojoba deeply into the area to be shaved.  After shaving, rinse the razor with hot water. Your skin will feel soft and silky.  Jojoba Oil is also wonderful for massage.